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Re: [school-discuss] On music making software: A voice of dissentor reason?

Hi: Maybe there is no single solution that is best?

Open Studios operates from the starting point, that each community will decide what's best for the community. We'll help them get there.

We've recently put a computer on the table, and then set about to load it with everything needed to create instrument sounds, record, edit, and compete with the big guys. Our experience leads us to think there's at least a minimum starting point, which, combined with speakers, and mic, an amplifier, and not much more equipment, a community can get started.

Those recommendations should be available soon, both on the web site as a list, as well as downloadable media, or CD's sent out to those who prepare the hardware to receive it. Beyond that, maybe we'll find something like the ccrma site that works for most.
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV

David Bucknell wrote:
Quote and unquote from a friend: Please comment if you know of alternatives and
use them:
"Since Windows PC's have the wide user base it's natural the free music
programs abound there. The hard choice for newbies is knowing what works
best. The safest operating system for Midi is Win98 since W2K and XP may
need some fairly intricate compatibility mode settings. And Macs running
Windows emulation modes are non-starters for multimedia, I guess it's the
same story with Lindows etc. Since few people are going to learn to use more
than one application they often stick with the one that gets bundled with
the sound card. In the USA Cakewalk still has the widest market though it's
an ageing program (it certainly put white hairs on my head). Since I
discovered the free version of Logic Fun I've concentrated on making that
the school's 'official' sequencer, and Vanbasco the midi file player because
the latter has the better real-time control. Lots of kids now use the system
from home so I can post files on the web for them to access or download.
[URL deleted] is the nearly-ready songset for Vanbasco I'll be
using for the fourth grade musical - some of the ASCII characters need
find/replace in Karakan, an excellent application for making karaoke files.
But you'll get a good idea of what karaoke can do in school.
For a preschool situation you can sequence songs like the Alphabet (tune of
Twinkle) or Bingo. One day I'll get around to putting them all together as a
karaoke songbook. ....[deleted section on where to find his personal music files]

That's why I have some personal resistance to an all-linux solution.
Likewise Mac is fine for industry standard work but just lacks the
soundblaster generation of kids who grew up writing stuff themselves (in
cleaner code than Microsoft I should add). I don't know of anything both
serious and free for Linux that does multi-media (though in March I'll be
listening out!).

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