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Re: [school-discuss] On music making software: A voice of dissent or reason? jazz++

jazz++ looks like a good place to start, all right. Thanks, Mike. 

The point is that the teachers and kids want to do everything themselves ... I

Quoting mike eschman <meschman@etc-edu.com>:

> hello,
> but this looks ok --> haven't tried it.
> http://www.jazzware.com/cgi-bin/Zope.cgi/jazzware/
> mike eschman, etc ...
> On Tuesday 11 February 2003 12:11 am, mike eschman wrote:
> . hello,
> .
> . if you can get the midi files to me, i can convert them to .mp3, then
>  collect . onto a CD.
The open formats for Gutenberg sound (sic) great, but I don't really get how all
that stuff works. I'll just listen to your work, Mike.

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