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[school-discuss] Feedback: Linux In Education Portal.

Good day,

I have setup a web site that connects specific people in the education
field (IT staff, teachers, administrators, students, and advocates) with
concrete, good information about how they can use Linux in their
schools. I saw there was a need for such a site. Schoolforge.net has
done a great job bringing the different Linux in education sites
together, I wanted to bring the people in the education field together
_with_ those Linux in education sites. 

I designed the Linux In Education Portal site to highlight the Linux in
education projects that were mature and ready to be used now. That way
the viewers are given a minimum amount of information with maximum
amount of usefuliness. I know there are many projects that are just
getting started but they are not ready yet. It might become frustrating
for potentional users to try and use an unfinished project. I feel these
projects are very important to the future of Linux in education and so I
have provided the space on the website for links to these up-in-coming
projects. This will give viewers a good idea of the future, a very
bright future. 

This site is only BETA right now...it is NOT ready to be used by the
public (yes, I know it is on a public server but no one knows but you).
I wanted to bring it before all of you guys first and get some
constructive feedback about the site, the contents, design, visual
appeal, and grammer/spelling. I am open for suggestions about what sites
and documentation I should also include but have missed, particularly I
am looking for websites that have lesson plans for teachers about issues
related to using Linux and Linux based educational software. Also I
would like to hear about websites with more information about how people
can advocate for the use of Linux in education (ie HOWTOs,
presentations, success stories). 

If you would like me to consider adding your project website into the
Linux Links please provide me with a URL and 50 words or less
description (sent to my personal e-mail account). In the interest of
keeping the information to a minimum, as to not overwhelm viewers, I
would like only US based projects unless the site/project can be clearly
useful to any US-based school.

I fear that it might look like I am not giving every site, every project
an equal chance to shine but please understand I am trying to bring the
minimum amount of information for the maximum amount of usefuliness to
the viewers. That is why I am trying to keep the scope of the site
narrow. But I will always be interested in people's constructive
thoughts about what I should add to the site, if you feel I am really
missing something.

My purpose for this website is for it to be a starting place for people
in the education field that are interested in Linux. Paticularly I would
like the site to be useful enough that people will give out the URL to
people as a place for them to start searching, "Yep, boss, Linux can
work for us. I have a website for you to look up that might help you get
a better idea how: www.linuxineducation.org, surf on over there and when
you are done poking around let me know. We can discuss more about using
Linux in education." A perfect dialog that is bound to win everyone
over. :)

Before I forget, does anyone know about a PHP based news manager. I
would like to add news to the front page but don't want to set up a SQL
server and would like to have the news only display certain catagories
based on user settings (ie cookies).

Forgive me for cross-posting, I do not know who is only subscribed to
one list and not another. If I did I would just send a message directly
to the people that haven't received it yet. 

I also plan to join schoolforge once the site is ready to go public.

Linux In Education Portal: Who you are...What you need.

Here to serve the Linux in education community :-),
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes <declaretruth@yahoo.com>

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