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Re: [school-discuss] anyone have a chemistry lab manual to share

Hi, Mike: It's the Digital Age. Check Google with Chemistry 101 as keywords, for starters.
Here's a nice list of people to contact directly, that might have an interest.

mike eschman wrote:

dave prentice and i bougth a video device that outputs to s-video, has excellent shadow-free built in lighting, magnifies 14X and focuses at a quarter inch.

the lens head is on a flexible goose neck.

me already had an mpeg movie camera with a zoom lens.

we want to produce a full set of multi-media guides (ala "Mr. Wizard"] demonstrating all the classics such as titration, kinetics, acid-base, proper use of digital scale and centrifuge, and so on.

i though i still had my lab books from university of maryland - but can't find them.

we want to do the same for biology,
can anyone help us?

mike eschman, etc ...

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