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[school-discuss] Open Admin 0.85 release


I've released a new version of Open Admin for Schools.

It might be called the "student transfer" edition with added support for
simple intra-division record transfers and demographic record transfers
between OA schools. There are several other small improvements and bug
fixes. It now includes more advanced CSS formatting and requires ver 5+
of current browsers for support. (although alternate CSS/HTML files are
supplied for earlier browsers). I'm doing development testing with
current Mozilla browsers (1+).  The next release (denholm) will be full
version 1.0 release with extensions to attendance, central office
reporting, and form letter generation.


The demonstration sites are currently updated as well, although I'm doing
more work on the report card system currently.

http://bcsa.richtech.ca  (admin)
http://bcst.richtech.ca  (teacher)

Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School