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[school-discuss] available for download now : volume 001 etc... intro to solar system : terrestrial planets


Introduction to the Solar System.

Focusing on Orbital Mechanics, Geography, Geology, observation and note 
We don't "age" or "date" objects here, that's beyond our scope.

Target audience : Smart 11 year olds through disciplined average students of 
15 years and up.

Availability : Download from http://www.etc-edu.com DOWNLOADS page.

Please make available from your site for download, so etc ... doesn't get 

All materials original by etc... and "copyleft",
OR public domain by NASA and JPL.

Volume 1. "Inner" Solar System.
Includes General Introduction to the Solar System,
The Sun,
The Moon,
and Deimos.

Cd # 001, ~605 Meg. : 

Planetarium software [xplns].
Group of Inner Solar System Views for New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.[.stl files]
HELP to reset .stl examples to your locale.
Math booklets to go with the etc ... lecture notes, .pdf format, in these 
topics :

Unit of Measure.
Approximation and Estimation.

Paper Models to give as prizes. (several dozen)

Posters for the classroom,
and .pdf booklets with copies of the posters for students.

Teachers Guides.

Flash cards and flash card activities.

Complete "Math in Space" website as an offline local use copy.

Many handbooks for supplementary topics,
such as "human history in Space".

CD # 002, ~440 Meg. : 

Images and movies.

For Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Phobos, Deimos. 

CD # 003, ~400 Meg. : 

For Earth.

CD # 004, ~ 150 Meg.(estimated) : 

etc ... "copyleft" .html and .mp3 audio readings.
on General Introduction, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Phobos, 


Images will do well with 500+ meg of memory, 256 meg minimum.
128 meg. may work, but no bets taken.

High res. video boards (64 meg video memory, 16 meg. minimum).
ATI boards are cheap and work well.

IDE disks, but you can run straight off the CDs.
SCSI for swap slower and more  expensive than adding memory.
Use Browser and Notepad/Gedit/Kedit for everything.
Use XMMS, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Mozilla built-in audio,
 RealPlayer 8 for audio.
Video is javascript, gif animation, .avi or .mpg.

Not all soundboards work.
Cheap Soundblasters DO work.

Big monitor is best, 17" minimum.

1 gig processor more than adequate, 650 minimum.


3D tiffs that let you move anywhere on a planet.
Color hi-res tiffs of whole planets with zoom functions.
High-res perspective views so you can conduct planetary field trips.
All over 1 meg.
Average 5-10 meg.
Many 10+ meg.
One over 40 meg.


Mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...
(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...