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Re: [school-discuss] needed more mini-conference feedback

On Thursday 20 February 2003 08:37 am, you wrote:
. Mike,
. What topics would you like to cover? 

i would like to talk about using open source software to increase the quality 
and reach of school libraries, and to drive student activites that teach the 
arts and produce fund raising materials for the schools.

 Maybe a case study type thing
. about the work you do?

I wish I could report a case study, with dave prentice something might be 
possible next school year.

i can present a budgeted, time-lines blueprint for a do-it-yourself initiative 
based on our research.  I will spec a minimum machine for this and bring a CD 
with the necessary softwares and configurations, and bring a set of 100 audio 
books to get a broadcast station started.

great door prize?

if you like, give me a raw box (to my spec) and i'll build a 
broadcast/record/production work station on the spot.  two shows daily for 
three days, if you get get me put up.

. What topics should we try to include??  

get a responder to suggest something, trick an answer out of somebody :-)

read every response, and the ones that stick overnight should get a response 
e-mai from youl.

you're pregnant, don't you know people will do anything for you?

Maybe accounts of what people
. are doing with Linux, and then a session called "Getting Started with
. Linux" at the end???
. I hope to do enough advertising to attract educators who have never
. heard of Linux before.  We'll see.

the louisiana dept. of education has a list of the e-mails for all tech 
coordinators in the state.  i'll bet texas, mississippi, arkansas, florida
and georgia do to.

i'll do you a poster or two if you like.
. Marilyn
. >>> meschman@etc-edu.com 02/19/03 16:59 PM >>>
. hello,
. i'm game.
. mike eschman, etc ...
. On Wednesday 19 February 2003 04:09 pm, Marilyn Hagle wrote:
. . Hi there!!  Thanks for all messages so far!!!
. .
. . I have some additional questions.
. .
. . 1.  Who can come and be a presenter on April 5 at a mini-conference in
. . Grand Prairie, Texas??
. .
. . 2.  Has anyone done a little local thing like this before??  I'd like
. to
. . hear of your experiences!! and advice!!
. .
. . Marilyn
. .
. . P.S.  I am usually only a listener on this list, but I want you to
. know
. . how much I admire the work people like Doug and Mike and others are
. . doing.  For the past 4 years I have been either pregnant or nursing a
. . newborn and haven't had the time to contribute. I devour and use all I
. . read, however.  Thanks.
. .
. .

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...