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[school-discuss] Educational function iteration software.

This message was posted before on the SeulEdu mailinglist, since I 
wasn't aware of this list. Sorry for the multipost.

For some time I've been working on educational math software. Though
the Linux version of Funiter is still under development, and therefor
not ready to put on a list with other educational software, I would
like to notify you about the project. The main reason is that while
it is 'under construction', it's easier to implement new features or
change fundamental things.

The url is http://www.funiter.org/

Funiter (short for FUNction ITERation) is an application developed 
for educational purposes as a laboratory, generating graphs of 
several types for iteration of real and complex functions, with 
comfortable switching between related types of graphs. Originally 
developed in the context of courses at the University of Nijmegen 
(Netherlands) for highschool students with a special interest in 

Funiter comes in three flavours: 

- 2.1    the original MS-DOS freeware/closedsource version.
- 2.2.2  Linux GPL/opensource version.
- 3.0.0  MS-Windows GPL/opensource (Delphi 5) version.

2.2.2 should run on any platform supported by the game programming
library Allegro.

Funiter 2.2.2 is completed for approximately 90%. It is a rewrite 
of version 2.1 including some extra features: multi-language 
support, cursor-control in the central menu's A problem could be
that it has the same DOS-style userinterface as version 2.1. 

The remaining 10% is for the most part the expression evaluator, 
management of 'experiments' and - probably - some bugs.

Funiter 3.0.0 version is only completed for 10% which is mainly 
caused by the fact that I couldn't decide what to do with the 
user-interface. I think it would be possible to continue the
development with Kylix so this version could be for Linux as well.

As you might understand, feedback is really important. If you want
to contact me, please look at:
http://www.funiter.org/Funiter/contacte.shtml or
http://www.funiter.org/Funiter/contactd.shtml (Dutch).

Thanks in advance.

Stijn Wolters.

Stijn Wolters (stijnw@xs4all.nl) 
WWW: http://www.xs4all.nl/~stijnw/ , http://www.funiter.org/