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Re: [school-discuss] Using Manhattan Server

Gary Dunn wrote:
On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 09:29:10 +1000
Chris Gillies <chris@lasertronics.net> wrote:

At the end last year I found out about the Manhattan Server (virtual classroom program). It is now up and running, and our teachers are very excited about its potential. My two questions are:

1. If anyone is using the Manhattan Server, how best have you utilised
it? ie. Had an off-site quest lecturer take a subject

Has anyone done a comparison between Manhattan
(http://manhattan.sourceforge.net/) and MimerDesk
(http://www.mimerdesk.org/), or other similar applications? I evaluated
MimerDesk in a non-educational setting as an on-line community builder and
found it very nice to use.
There is a nice comparison chart at a .info site here:


- cameron

- cameron miller
- UNIX systems administrator
- outhouse attendant
- http://staff.adams.edu/~cdmiller
- http://portal.adams.edu/