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Re: [school-discuss] FW: OpenOffice in education

Tom Adelstein wrote:


Yes this is all true. BUT, I cannot give out copies of Star Office to all my students and staff to take home and install on their PCs for FREE. I can with OpenOffice! This is why we use OpenOffice.

You can give all of your students, their parents, alumni, faculty and friends Star Office for free. You'll find templates, examples, more fonts, better rendering, etc. with Star Office. You'll also find accredited curriculum, certifications, etc. for free.

The Sun Academic Initiative can be found at:


Thanks for clearing that up Tom. I think the main issue is that in education, real value comes from the FLOSS nature of OO. Education is going to be more open to solutions that are, well, more open. I think SUN should concentrate big SO incentives for business and government sectors, while supporting OO penetration into education. Sure some school business programs and school administrations will opt for SO over MS Office or OO, but for many education uses SO and MSO are overkill, while OO is good enough and "free".

- cameron