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Re: [school-discuss] FW: OpenOffice in education

mviron@findaschool.org wrote:


Do we have any tutorials for openoffice.org? or any members who have built



From: Hildy@ultra2k [mailto:hildy@totalspeed.net]
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 8:28 PM
To: mviron@findaschool.org
Subject: OpenOffice in education

I have started a website www.tutorialsforopenoffice.org  The mission of the
website is to provide free assistance in the use of OpenOffice.

OpenOffice has been taught by teachers thousands of times.  I have not been
able to find any step-by-step tutorials that a teacher can use that I can
post on my website .  How many times do we have to reinvent the wheel.  Do
you know where I can get a tutorial(s) to post?

OpenOffice works on Linux and other platforms.

Waalter Hildebrandt
Denver CO

Plenty of tutorials exist.  I don't understand the reason for another
web site?

Did you know that you can have Star Office for free?

I understand that many people in education use Openoffice.org. But, why?
Star Office uses the same code base but works better and has additional

You can also have the curriculum at no cost.

Finally, we're on the verge of establishing an on-line course for
teachers to provide college semester hours for taking the course.