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[school-discuss] Looking for translator

Hello there,

The DrGeo project is looking for a native English speaking person to
translate the DrGeo user manual to English. 

The user manual is about 80 pages and so far it has been translated in
various european languages as French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

There is an initial translation in English but it is out of sync. We
want a native English speaking person to do the translation otherwise it
may give a poor image of the DrGeo project to educator.

The user guide is written with the LaTeX open format, it is used to output
both PDF and HTML version. The HTML version is also used as the
online-help when running the software. The user manual are at

About DrGeo: It is a cool free interactive geometry software, it can be
downloaded at http://www.ofset.org/drgeo. It can also be found in the
Freeduc-cd (http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd)

Hilaire Fernandes
DrGeo project leader