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[school-discuss] #schoolforge meeting in february


as mentioned in another discussion, the schoolforge IRC meeting should
be brought back to life.
Thus I would like to remind and invite anyone to join the first meeting
in 2005.


        The meeting is sheduled for February, the 22nd, 2005 at
        4:30 and 16:30 UTC.

Where to go

        You can join the discussion in #schoolforge at irc.freenode.net.

Topics to discuss

        This is the first meeting for a long time and no special fields
        of interest are mentioned for discussion. Feel free to raise any
        topic which matches the intention of the schoolforge project :-).

I will be available at 16:30 UTC and - if there is at least some
acitivity - log the discussion, so it can be put online for all which
could not meet the discussion. It would be nice, if someone can do this
for 4:30 UTC, too.


We don't understand the software, and sometimes we don't understand the 
hardware, but we can *see* the blinking lights!

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