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[school-discuss] Russian schools abandon Windows for Linux ?

Hey everyone.

Not sure if you all saw this one so I figured I would post to the list.

"In a strange twist of events which include former Russian President and
Nobel Prize winner, Mikhail Gorbachev, calling Bill Gates and current
Russian President Vladimir Putin making comments on software piracy, see
links below, Russian school may be moving to  Linux very soon. It almost
sounds like a cold war spy novel. Anyways, the Russian school system is
looking to move to ASPLinux, a localized Linux disto, to combat software

Alexander Ponosov, a headmaster in a Russian school, was charged for
software piracy when he purchases MS Windows software he  thought was
legitimate. If convicted he could spend up to 1 year in jail. Gorbachev,
calling Bill Gates to ask him to drop the charges but later Microsoft
said that they would not do so."

You can get the link to more detail on the link to my blog post below.


Also I am working on V1.3.6 of my WinOSSCDrom
(http://www.rlhc.net/blog/?page_id=71)so I could use some ideas for new
stuff to add.

Here are the updates for those interested:

Updated Art Of Illuion to 2.4
Updated Clamwin to 0.88.7
Updated Azureus to 2.5.0
Updated Scribus to
Updated Explore2fs to 1.0.8BETA9
Updated Frostwire to 4.13.1
Updated Mozilla Firefox to
Updated Mozilla Thundebird to
Updated aMSN to 0.96-3
Updated RSSOwl to 1.2.3
Removed Mozilla Firefox 1.5.X
Updated VLC to 0.8.6
Updated Wireshark to 0.99.4
Updated OpenOffice.org to 2.1
Updated Abiword to 2.4.6
Updated Audacity to 1.2.6
Added GPG4win 1.0.8

Best regards,
-Richard Houston
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