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[school-discuss] an association for the open content

Hi all, 

I am glad to inform you that the group of university teachers and IT scholars 
is forging ahead with establishing an international non-profit association
aimed at fostering proper use of information technologies in education and
academic research, especially focusing on open access and open content. 

While mid-term projects will be publishing a monthly newsletter and organizing
an annual conference (as you can read in the statute), our first immediate
objective is to foster 'open communities' of teachers and researchers forging
their own digital tools and to provide them the opportunity to meet and grow.

It is up to us to establish the exec committee duties, at this stage, to
pursue those objectives.
Our first task will be just to discuss how the association could be
instrumental in bringing such 'open content' communities to light.
Maintaining connections with educational and research institutions and
international institutions will probably be among our committments.

I would appreciate your suggestions about people who could contribute in some way
to set up and lead the association projects and available to be part of the
Executive Committee.

Here you can find the statutes draft: http://www.eexplor.org/ 

Your comments and help are very welcome 

Thank you 
Paolo Pumilia-Gnarini