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Re: [school-discuss] an association for the open content

I am interested, but cannot contribute until mid
april.  I am writing a thesis on similar issues and
would be interested in putting some practical
applications to my work.
Let me know what you think I might be able to help out
--- Paolo Pumilia <xsocialsciences@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all, 
> I am glad to inform you that the group of university
> teachers and IT scholars 
> is forging ahead with establishing an international
> non-profit association
> aimed at fostering proper use of information
> technologies in education and
> academic research, especially focusing on open
> access and open content. 
> While mid-term projects will be publishing a monthly
> newsletter and organizing
> an annual conference (as you can read in the
> statute), our first immediate
> objective is to foster 'open communities' of
> teachers and researchers forging
> their own digital tools and to provide them the
> opportunity to meet and grow.
> It is up to us to establish the exec committee
> duties, at this stage, to
> pursue those objectives.
> Our first task will be just to discuss how the
> association could be
> instrumental in bringing such 'open content'
> communities to light.
> Maintaining connections with educational and
> research institutions and
> international institutions will probably be among
> our committments.
> I would appreciate your suggestions about people who
> could contribute in some way
> to set up and lead the association projects and
> available to be part of the
> Executive Committee.
> Here you can find the statutes draft:
> http://www.eexplor.org/ 
> Your comments and help are very welcome 
> Thank you 
> --
> Paolo Pumilia-Gnarini

Teprine Baldo 
  Bleu Rouge Productions
  (514) 201-7801
  (514) 522-3168

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