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[school-discuss] Re: an association for the open content - lyx users group?

From Gunnar Stefansson, Feb 21 at  9:07:
 >It has been my hope that this kind of approach could be used for
 >intructors to freely exchange teaching material at the source level
 >(i.e. not just as pdf files) through the use of de facto standards
 >(e.g. latex, not mathml).

Exchanging maths text is among my interests too.  Have you tried 
the LyX (http;//lyx.org) graphical interface to provide your text
to readers and coworkers, rather than plain latex files?

As a long standing lyx user, i would like to form a lyx user group of 
teachers and scholars to exchange tips to deploy latex/lyx files through 
the web and discuss enhancements to support didactics. 

The lyx users and developers community is very responsive and would be 
very glad to receive suggestions to improve their software.  

Moreover, such group could be among the first commitments of the 
'open culture' association.

best regards