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Re: [school-discuss] Re: an association for the open content - lyx users group?

> Exchanging maths text is among my interests too.  Have you tried 
> the LyX (http;//lyx.org) graphical interface to provide your text
> to readers and coworkers, rather than plain latex files?

No, partly because I am lazy but also this is a rather thorny issue:
If you look at Wikipedia and other open or semi-open content
providers, each one has a nonstandard format for storage of maths.

I was particularly interested in getting seniors/retirees to
contribute but although many of them are perfectly computer-litterate,
they tend to each use their own different system, though latex and
groff will be the most useful.  The same is true of graphics formats -
people like to use gnuplot, xfig and R which we support.

We're working on a Plone interface, where we will allow the user to
enter LaTeX which can be rendered on the fly - but Lyx may well be
something which we should look at...  I will not have time to
contribute to a user group, but would likely have students take a look
at whether we can include this in our tutor-web.