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Re: [school-discuss] Video Software

Sounds pretty much like how I'd go about it.  You can record video on
your screen with Camstudio and record and edit audio with Audacity or
sox.  I even created my own music from scratch for an audio track
using abc2midi and timidity++ for one video I created.  I like mpeg2
format because you can create DVDs with it and I know some good Open
Source tools available for it.  You can join mpeg2 audio and video
tracks together using:
mplex -f 8 -S 0 -O -66ms -o %1.mpg %2.m1v %2.ac3
(Replace %1 and %2 with appropriate file names.)
You could also leave them separate and let DVDStyler mux them for you
automatically.  Plus it'll create your DVD and let you create menus,
submenus and add chapter marks.

MPEG2Schnitt will let you do some minimal lossless video cutting with
MPEG2 files.  ffmpeg or mencoder which uses ffmpeg should be able to
convert files from other formats to mpeg2 (or other formats).  If you
want a GUI interface, check out winff. I personally like MPEG2Schnitt
for editing, but if you need more powerful editing, there's
virtualdubmod and virtualdub.  Virtualdubmod has some minimal mpeg2
support and is an old fork of Virtualdub.  Virtualdub doesn't have
mpeg2 support, but it's more actively developed.  If possible, edit
the video in a lossless format and do as few format conversions and
edits as possible when working with lossy formats like mpeg2, mpeg4,
ogg theora, etc.  Aften can convert wave (lossless format) to ac3
format (mpeg2 audio).  There are several GUI front ends for it
including EncWAVtoAC3 and AftenGUI.

You can also check out videohelp.com.  They have a great list of free
tools available (Windows and Linux) although not all are Open Source.
They also have some good forums and guides.
My information on video software is at: http://www.distasis.com/recipes/av.htm
I also list some video and audio processing tools and applications at

By the way, I've been looking into some Open Source alternatives to
audacity for older computers with low resources and ran across a few
interesting collections of command line tools for working with and
editing wave files and was finally able to build apcstudio from
source.  If anyone has other suggestions for Open Source audio or
video alternatives or would like to know more on what I found, let me

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 9:05 PM, Joel Kahn <jj2kk4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm working on my first digital video based on
> BASIC-256, and I need some software suitable
> for putting the pieces together. As things now
> stand, it looks like I'll be capturing the
> animation with Camstudio and then adding a music
> track separately. My needs aren't too fancy, my
> experience in this area is limited, and I want
> something that's easy to use.
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