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[school-discuss] "Online Grades" Open Source Grade Web posting system


I wanted to take a moment to let members of the list know about the
"Online Grades" open source software. Online Grades is web based system
for securely posting student grades to the internet. Each student, parent
and teacher gets their own login into the Online Grades system where they
are able to view the grades for their classes and students. If a parent
has multiple students in the same school or district then they only have
to log in once to see all of their kids' grades.

Online Grades is not an Online Gradebook program. Instead we are able to
upload information generated by several popular windows and mac grade book
software programs. The Online Grades software is meant to be run by a
school or district on their web server and requires PHP and access to a
MySQL database.

The Online Grades project is over a year old and the software is currently
being used in production at seven schools or school districts (that we
know of).

For more information (or to try the Demo) feel free to visit
http://onlinegrades.sf.net/ .

Thanks! If you have any questions feel free to post to the Online Grades
q-a forums or reply to the list and I will try to answer them.