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[school-discuss] About Top/Bottom posting

Just a couple of counter-points to the tradition of bottom posting that is 
sometimes evoked when someone top posts. Whether using web mail, or an email 
client, prior messages are there to read if one has not been following the 
discussion, so having prior content at the top is not really all that 

Since one is interested in what the sender has to contribute, and since 
windows open with the content at the top visible, it is far easier to skim a 
discussion one has not followed if senders have top posted.

Finally, and personally, I actually find it annoying when the reminder to 
bottom post is evoked with a replied subject line that is the same as the 
offending message.  Thinking there is content in the reply, I'm forced to 
scroll all the way to the bottom of the message, only to find some scolding 
about top posting and not finding a subject-related reply!

But then there are folks who don't quote prior senders at all, making the 
whole argument irrelevant!