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[school-discuss] recommendation request for Intro to IT class syllabus

I mostly lurk on this mailing list and learn a great deal from the
posters, but in addition to sysadmin duties, I will be team-teaching
Intro to IT to incoming first-year students starting next April. The
college is an English-immersion liberal arts college for Japanese

Students: Japanese first-year college students
Medium: English
Platform: Windows computer lab, but free to switch between Windows and
Macintosh rooms

There will have to be a good dose of practical skills education, since
they will need to learn to connect to the file server shares, select a
printer, use the office suite, etc., but I am wondering if anyone
knows of a good resource that would give me a framework for
structuring the class. Ideally, I would like to move all the students
over to OpenOffice, but I won't be able to get that through the
faculty on my first teaching assignment.

Other ideas that I have are:
using Google well (using the regex-like options like site:, define:,
minus sign for NOT, etc.
mail merge to produce personalized documents (they can use these for
clubs and the college festival)
database-like lists in spreadsheets as a way to manage information

Anyone know of sites that host or list computer literacy syllabi and resources?

Micheal Cooper
Miyazaki, Japan (GMT+9, no DST)