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[school-discuss] Progress: Approaching 100 Members

Dear Schoolforge Members and Supporters,

I have just been looking over the membership list and would like your help in
consolidating it as we approach 100 members. We need to know who's really a
member (still) and who's missing, and we need everyone's details. It would help
if everyone put the name of the country in which their project/org works within
their member description. You can send it to me if you like.

Here's what the members' list says right now (check it out on

We have 92 members by my count. Time to sift and make sure of who our members
are as we count down to the century mark:

Lithuania, US, ATCnet (Africa), Australia, India, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, Russia,
Slovakia, Germany, (is, bg), Uruguay, Pakistan, Sweden, Thailand, Brazil,
Denmark, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Belize, Norway
That makes 26 without ATCnet which is a group from or for Africa, but with no
defined member states.

I added Brazil based on a member's e-mail address and the description.

***I see .is and .bg on two e-mail addresses.
These are Bulgaria and Iceland, but I see no mention of those countries in the

***Where are: France, the Netherlands, China, Colombia?
I think we have people from those countries involved.

***How do we distinguish (or do we) between groups _from_ a country and those
working _for_ it in some capacity?

***Three or four projects (more?) have no URL's. Anyone looking for a site
should speak up. Among us we can host worthy projects. Having a site is actually
we defined an "organization" so all members ought to have one.

Let's get this cleaned up so we can crow over our growth, ok? If you're on the
list and you are in a LUG or a school where you are using some free and open
source tools, consider joining Schoolforge.



http://members.iteachnet.org/~home About Membership
http://opensourceschools.org Open Source Schools Journal
http://schoolforge.net member Schoolforge Coalition for Open Educational