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Re: [school-discuss] Progress: Approaching 100 Members

I will provide hosting for 2.95 a month or 20 dollars a year for people 
that are members of schoolforge, or wanting to become a member.   Anyone 
interested in sub domaining off of www.knowhownet.net would not be 

Hope this helps some.

Jon Adam
The KnowHow Network
What Would You Like to Know?

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, David Bucknell wrote:

> Dear Schoolforge Members and Supporters,
> I have just been looking over the membership list and would like your help in
> consolidating it as we approach 100 members. We need to know who's really a
> member (still) and who's missing, and we need everyone's details. It would help
> if everyone put the name of the country in which their project/org works within
> their member description. You can send it to me if you like.
> Here's what the members' list says right now (check it out on
> http://schoolforge.net/members.php).
> We have 92 members by my count. Time to sift and make sure of who our members
> are as we count down to the century mark:
> ***countries:
> Lithuania, US, ATCnet (Africa), Australia, India, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, Russia,
> Slovakia, Germany, (is, bg), Uruguay, Pakistan, Sweden, Thailand, Brazil,
> Denmark, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Belize, Norway
> ....
> That makes 26 without ATCnet which is a group from or for Africa, but with no
> defined member states.
> I added Brazil based on a member's e-mail address and the description.
> ***I see .is and .bg on two e-mail addresses.
> These are Bulgaria and Iceland, but I see no mention of those countries in the
> descriptions.
> ***Where are: France, the Netherlands, China, Colombia?
> I think we have people from those countries involved.
> ***How do we distinguish (or do we) between groups _from_ a country and those
> working _for_ it in some capacity?
> ***Three or four projects (more?) have no URL's. Anyone looking for a site
> should speak up. Among us we can host worthy projects. Having a site is actually
> how
> we defined an "organization" so all members ought to have one.
> Let's get this cleaned up so we can crow over our growth, ok? If you're on the
> list and you are in a LUG or a school where you are using some free and open
> source tools, consider joining Schoolforge.
> Sincerely,
> David