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Re: [school-discuss] Progress: Approaching 100 Members

Thanks, Gunnar. I know what you mean about the content; however, we're trying 
to high light the same internationalism, I think, that you're expressing, but 
in a different way: calling attention to the fact that our sites, whether 
available to anyone anywhere in many cases, or directed at a specific group or 
nationality in others, comes from countries all over the world. My thought was 
that it is good to mention the number of countries of origin. Can we do that?

Quoting Gunnar Stefansson <gunnar@rhi.hi.is>:

> Hi
> > ***I see .is and .bg on two e-mail addresses.
> > These are Bulgaria and Iceland, but I see no mention of those countries in
> the
> > descriptions.
> My guess is that .is is my e-mail address, and the member organisation is
> the tutor-web, which is only a cyberspace entity.  Though it's hosted on
> machines in Iceland and much of the content is in Icelandic, it is intended
> to be international in nature - so I'm not sure I want to refer to a
> "country" of origin, unless cyberspace qualifies as a country :-)
> Cheers
> G

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