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Re: [school-discuss] Welcome to Schoolforge! (93?)

On 7/5/02 12:48 AM, "Jeremy C. Reed" <reed@reedmedia.net> wrote:

> * Use the latest stable release for your operating system and software.
> * Uninstall or disable software and services that you do not use.
> * Follow the security announcements and security discussion forums for
> your operating system and software.
> * Continuously update your software for important fixes or other
> critical problems.
> * Use periodic tools to detect security weaknesses, check file
> integrity, and to do ongoing system maintenance.
> * Monitor and analyze your logs and traffic for preventive maintenance.
> * Backup all important data for rebuilding the system from scratch --
> and test.
>> - SpamCop V1.3.3 -
>> Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
> Don't use web-to-mail CGIs unless the recipient's email address can't be
> changed.
> (I believe that this discussion is off-topic for this list. You may want
> to use a more appropriate forum.)

If this content is off topic I'm in the wrong forum.  As an infant gnu/linux
user/admin I find this kind of information helpful and very difficult to
find in this (simplified) state elsewhere.  I know I have a lot of reading
to do before I know everything so it is very kind for those who have the
info to schmear it out for us who would otherwise not have it in a nice
clear list.

I am going to print your list, make sure I understand what everything is and
start writing my security policy.