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[school-discuss] audio book reader with collection of books


about three months back, etc... made a bootable book reader available with 
about 100+ popular formatted audio books and full text.  it is downloadable 
from  gutenberg project, but people have trouble finding it.

now it can be downloaded from our site, http://www.etc-edu.com
on the download page.

the formatted text can be downloaded from the same page as a tar.gz file.
the tar.gz file has a directory structure that seperates the .txt files by
genre, title and section/book/chapter/act/scene.

one other note, we have a pronouncuation guide for shakespeare in a database
that includes all proper names of peoples and places and over 1000+ 

as a result of this, the computer reader correctly prononunces everything.
it is unlikely you have any live reader available that could do as well.

so shakespeak is coming out in audio on cd-rom for the next school year :-)

pinocchio and peter pan are also due for publication.

mike eschman, etc...
"Not just an afterthought ...