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Re: [school-discuss] K12OSN

Paul Nelson wrote:

> You know... We really should have a page on each of our sites that
> points out what each of the lists are for and how to get to them.
> We have an image map that does that for many of the schoolforge sites
> but I wonder how many lists there are out there.
> OSN is for advocacy. K12OSN is technical support for schools using
> Linux. I still can't keep the schoolforge lists straight. I know there
> are a couple and then there is SEUL.
> Perhaps a Listserv FAQ?

Mike was fairly close on his descriptions of the Schoolforge and SEUL/edu
mailing lists.  schoolforge-discuss is a mailing list for general
discussion of any topics dealing with the use of open resources in
education, and is open to anyone who is interested.  schoolforge-core is
for management of the Schoolforge coalition (decisions on changes to the
website, joing press releases,etc.) and is limited to designated
representatives of the member organizations.  seul-edu is for discussion
of SEUL/edu-specific projects, which currently include our ISO project,
additions and changes to the Educational Applications Index, and our Linux
in education casestudies.

There are a number of other mailing lists around that cover similar
areas.  A listserv FAQ wouldn't be a bad idea.  If we could convince some
of the smaller, less-used lists to consolidate with others that deal with
similar or the same topics, that would be good too.

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