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Re: Wiki name change?:[school-discuss] Free-Open Baccalaureate Idea

Hi Mark,

Yes, it's different. the URL could start with "curriculum" as you suggest. I was
using the one Daniel Carter, a former I.B. (International Baccalaureate)
student, suggested, F.O.B., or Free and Open Baccalaureate to give it an
international flavor and, also, because I want it to be clear that we can start
small -- lessons and units and supporting software and ... you name it.

However, I would appreciate a bit of "focus group" activity on this. QUESTION:
Do others think curriculum.schoolforge.net is better than sffob.schoolforge.net
-- more effective in the end? I'm for it, if you do think so.


Quoting Mark Rauterkus <Mark@Rauterkus.com>:

> > Would anyone object to us using the name http://sffob.schoolforge.net or
> > http://fob.schoolforge.net for the
> http://sfzwiki.opensourceschools.org/sffob
> > wiki on creating a free and open curriculum with course content?
> >
> > David
> SFFOB = ?
> FOB = ?
> Is this effort for Free and Open Curriculum a different venture with a
> different purpose from the book.schoolforge.net effort?
> Why not curriculum.schoolforge.net ?
> Ta.
> Mark Rauterkus
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