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[Spanish vision] Re: Wiki name change?:[school-discuss] Free-Open Baccalaureate Idea

El Mié 09 Jul 2003 06:03, Roger Dingledine escribió:
> On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 09:09:18AM +0700, David Bucknell wrote:
> > Do others think curriculum.schoolforge.net is better than
> > sffob.schoolforge.net -- more effective in the end? I'm for it, if you do
> > think so.
> sffob is a meaningless jumble of letters. So yes, if it's a curriculum
> project, call it curriculum. Other names are also perfectly fine, as long
> as they give the casual reader a good idea of what the project is about.

Ok, I'm not sure if "curriculum" is the most appropiate word.
For Spanish speakers it's confusing, and it may drive to think that it's an 
app for *creating* curricula. 
The idea seems to be school-linux-book , that is, a book about usage of linux 
in school, configuration, advocacy, study cases. I can't imagine a shorter 
name without losing a great deal of meaning. Because:
school-linux .... seems a program
linux-book... says nothing about config IN SCHOOL or advocay
school-book... misses Linux, although, Linux is getting an ubiquitous concept 
:), so you can gap it. 

Any FOB, SFOV, UFO, NSA, NASA ... sort of thingy is kinda confusing, but 

> (Yes, it's true that the seul project is guilty of ignoring this
> advice. But we can at least preach the right approach. :)