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Subject: ATutor 1.5.3 Released
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*ATutor 1.5.3 Released*
July 5, 2006

-ATutor 1.5.3 Released
-New Modules
-ATutor 1.5.3 Translation
-Advertise on atutor.ca
-Major Contributors


* *ATutor 1.5.3 Released* *

ATutor 1.5.3 has been released, with many new features.

The most significant changes include the integration of the ACollab group functionality into ATutor, creating a *new group user level*,  and development of a collection group level tools. ACollab users can now configure ATutor to provide most of the functionality ACollab had been providing.

Another key feature added in this release is the *File Storage* utility, a personal file manager for students, groups, and instructors. It includes an *Assignment Drop Box* extension, where students can submit assignments, and instructors can manage them. As always, new features are accessible to assistive techology users.

ATutor 1.5.3 Download

ATutor 1.5.3 Demo


* *New Features in ATutor 1.5.3* *

*Groups* : Assign students to groups, with group specific forums, file storage, blogs, links, and tests (with more group tools to come).

*File Storage* : Share files and collaborate on document authoring activities. Upload and download files within custom workspaces,  and keep a record of development with file revision tracking.

*Assignment Drop-Box* : Used in combination with the File Storage utility,  students can submit assignment files either individually or as a group.

*Encrypted Login* : If supported by the browser, passwords will be encrypted upon login for added security.

*Password Retrieval* : Retrieving a lost password no longer sends the password by email, but instead sends a secure link which is then used for resetting the password.

*Course Splash Page* : Instructors can create a custom splash screen for each of their courses.

*Updated Themes* : The default themes have been updated and now include a third theme (blumin) ideal for embedding ATutor in other content management systems.

*Test Question Reordering* : Test questions can now be arranged in any order.

*Group Blogs* : Groups can now maintain their own blog, as well as view other groups' blogs. Both private and public blog postings are possible.

*Administrator Return Link* : Administrators can now easily jump between the administrator tools and courses without having to re-login each time.

*Extended Content Importing* : ATutor now preserves scripting and stylesheet information contained in the head of imported content pages and content packages, preserving display and functionality contained there. Import eXe content with all its styles and scripted utilities intact.

*Course Email Upgrade* : Send bulk email to users with different course roles, or send email to group members.

*Reading List* : Gather a detailed list of course resources, and assemble them into a Reading List.

*Course Release Date* : Set the date at which a course becomes available to students.

*Translatable Handbook* : The ATutor Handbook can now be translated and browsed in multiple languages. 

*Language Manager Search* : It is now easier to find and edit existing language by searching for words or phrases.

*Administrator User Search* : Administrators can now easily search through student accounts to find a particular student, or a range of students.

*Scheduling (Cron) Utility* : Setup scripts to run automatically at specified intervals. Useful for sending auto reminders, sending emails stored in the mail queue, or running system backup scripts for example.

*Public Level Modules* : Modules can now add sections to the public and My Start Page areas.

Full List of ATutor Features


* *New Modules* *

*Marratech* :
Marratech is a collaborative Web conferencing environment. It includes real-time video with voice, plus an interactive whiteboard. With the free version of Marratech Manager up to five people can meet, talk, see each other,  share documents or pictures, and make notes.  See the Marratech web site  ( http://marratech.com ) to find licensing details for groups larger than 5 people. 

*Elluminate* :
Elluminate is a provider of live Web conferencing and eLearning solutions.  Elluminate adds VoIP communications over any connection speed, offers cross-platform support, and includes advanced yet easy-to-use moderator tools for managing live online meetings. See the Elluminate web site  ( http://elluminate.com ) for licensing details. 

*Userplane WebChat*
This module links the Userplane Web Chat into an ATutor installation. Users can communicate with others via text chat, or by audio and/or video conferencing. This module includes a sidemenu box for quick access to Userplane from anywhere within a course, or it can be made available as a student tool. Visit the Userplane Web site ( http://www.userplane.com ) to register an account for your ATutor installation, or use the  ATutor community account listed with the module. 

*Student Tools* : 
The Student Tools module is a simple module that allows instructors to move the Student Tool icons off the course home page, and on to their own Student Tools page. 

*ATutor Modules Site*


* *ATutor 1.5.3 Translation* *

Translation of ATutor 1.5.3 is now underway. With the addition of a variety of new tools, there are about 230 new words and phrases to be translated for this release. Also in this release, the ATutor Handbook can be translated, so multiple versions of the Handbook can be maintained with each ATutor installation. Translators are encouraged to continue translating  ATutor 1.5.3  now.

Those who had previously completed a translation for the early release of ATutor 1.5.3, should review the language once more and translate the few adjustments that were made.

For further details see the Translator Documentation, and login to MyATutor  to find the translation tools.

*Things you Should Know Before Translating*

*MyATutor Login*


* *Advertise on atutor.ca* *

For as little as $25 per month, atutor.ca members can advertise their products to the ATutor community. Banner space is now available for advertising ATutor services, course offerings, learning content development, and other related educational services. For more information contact atutor.ca with a brief description of what you'd like to advertise, and we will send you details on how to get started.

*Advertising Inquiries*


* *Major Contributors to this Version* *

Special thanks goes to the following organizations for their contributions to this version of ATutor:

Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NCT, http://www.telemed.no/)
Fraser Health Authority (FHA, http://www.fraserhealth.ca/)