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[school-discuss] Software Freedom Day - July 4th

Hello Folks,

We're inviting you to a party. Come join us and celebrate Free Software!


If you're not in Portland then you'll find information on the page above for
hosting your own party. Help LUGs and schools connect in your area!

Schools here in Portland have enjoyed great support from our local Linux
user group PLUG. We wanted to get together with them and say thanks. We're
also hosting the event as an open house for other schools interested in
using Linux. Free software and refreshments for all!!!

The hours are from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon so you'll still have time to enjoy
other traditional July 4th holiday events.

Directions: http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us/direct.html

Keep up with news of other Software Freedom Day celebrations on

;-) Paul
Paul Nelson................... pnelson@riverdale.k12.or.us
Riverdale School, 11733 SW Breyman Ave, Portland, OR 97219
school (503)636-4511.....................fax (503)635-6342