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Re: [school-discuss] thin clients per server

We are looking to replace a school lab full of standalone PCs (Dell 1.6ghz Celerons) with LTSP. I'm wondering what a good client to server ratio would be using something along the lines of a Athlon64 3200 with a 10k SATA drive

I would suggest the use of SCSI drives with faster seek performance? (although memory will be more important, SATA drive performance isn't up to SCSI, IMO)

Les Richardson H. Hardcastle School

for the server. Mind you that we may have all the kids hitting Flash driven web sites at the same time and performance shouldn't look shabby compared to the stand alones.

The lab is the first step to converting the rest of the school.

Also, any perceptible difference in using, say 533mhz Via Eden motherboards for the clients vs. 1 ghz Edens?

Many thanks in advance.

William Fragakis
Morris Brandon Elementary