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RE: [school-discuss] unsubscribe

Title: RE: [school-discuss] unsubscribe

anyone care to explain the hoops required by Outlook to see the headers needed to find the instructions to unsubscribe?

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From:   Leon Brooks [mailto:leon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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On Saturday 25 June 2005 12:06, Jeremy Hunsinger wrote:
> if you want to unsubscribe, look up the directions to
> unsubscribe to the list that you were provided.

Remember that if he's an Outlook Express user, seeing the headers at all
requires him to jump through some hoops.

If I ever get involved in list software again, I'm going to add an
option to flag Outlook-users at subscribe time and add a visible footer
with a URL for unsubscribe directions and an explanation of the footer
to their outbound mail.

Cheers; Leon

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