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Re: [school-discuss] unsubscribe

On Monday 27 June 2005 14:26, Sarah Strauss wrote:
> anyone care to explain the hoops required by Outlook to see the
> headers needed to find the instructions to unsubscribe?

The most effective way:

1. Install Thunderbird for free from here:


2. During installation, import your mail and address books from
   MS-Outlook (Express)

3. Open the message

4. Your choice of View/Headers or View/Source.

You may not have enough control over your machine to do (1), and you may 
be extremely unwilling to learn a new program, but it is a good deal 
safer and more flexible than LookOut if you can.

LookOut is the #1 vector my customers use to incur viruses. #2 is MS 
Internet Explorer (which you can replace with Firebird; I recommend 
adding a dictionary extension, the search enhancer, a bookmark 
enhancer, the WayBack extension; if you're into web development, the 
web development toolbar; if you're in a poly-linguistic situation, a 
translator extension).

Cheers; Leon

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