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Re: [school-discuss] FOSS Contacts

Hey Joel,

To brake the ice and let the interested party get there feet wet you may
want to consider talking a few copies of some CD with Foss programs on
them. This way you can beak the ice with the idea of Foss then give them
something they can try at there own leisure. If there is further interest
I would be willing to respond to some email if you needed but Bill is
right geographical location may play a part. I am in Canada but will do
what I can vi email.

You can get my WinOSSCDRom at http://www.rlhc.net/blog/?page_id=71 which
is all Foss software for Windows and may also want to look at Shane
Coyle's edu-nix which can be found at http://www.edu-nix.org/

Good luck.

Best regards,
-Richard Houston
-R.L.H.  Consulting
-E-Mail  rhouston@xxxxxxxx
-WWW     http://www.rlhc.net
-Blog    http://www.rlhc.net/blog/

> In about two weeks, I'll be taking a trip to spend
> a weekend with some relatives. There is an outside chance that I might be
> able to spread the word about FOSS with some of them. In case any
> interest does emerge, I would like to have a list of names and e-mail
> addresses of helpful FOSS veterans that I can pass around. Anyone who
> wants to volunteer to be on this list should drop me a message soon; the
> last time that I expect to check my email before the trip will be June
> 13th.
> Joel Kahn
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