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[school-discuss] Upcoming Trip

Thanks to the people who have so far 
replied to my request for contacts.

In response to Richard Houston's 
suggestion: I was already planning to
pack some CDs with FOSS programs. As
for Bill Kendrick's questions about
interests and geography--these are good
points, and I'll explain why I can't get
as specific as I'd like right now.

The event will be sort of like a family
reunion (a little more complicated than
that, but I'll spare you the details),
with people coming from various parts of
the country--maybe even a few from outside
the US. There is a core group whom I'm
confident will be there, and a larger
collection that I won't know about for 
sure until I actually arrive. As for their
interests, we're talking about a wider
variety here than I can describe in this
email. The possible attendees range from
people who have barely touched a mouse to
one cousin who is a pretty hardcore hacker
(the law-abiding kind, AFAIK). There will
be folks with school-age kids there, which
makes SchoolForge relevant; but beyond that,
I can only make rough guesses as to how some
FOSS-related discussions might develop.

Having said all that, I will supply a few 
more details. We will be staying in
Portland, Maine, at the home of my brother
who owns his own business:


Anyway, the bottom line is that I want to 
get as many names from this list as
possible, and I'll just have to sort of
improvise when it comes to making
appropriate connections. I'll try to make
things work as smoothly as possible, but be 
prepared to roll with the punches if you
sign up. You've been warned. :-)


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