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Re: [school-discuss] q: working catalog vs POST spam?

Thanks for catching this - I've been trying different things, knowing that there will be comment spam at the moment. I generally go through and do clean up every day or two. I'll set the comments to require registration, that should make a huge difference. I'm not sure what is happening with the ofset error messages.
Michael Shigorin wrote:
I've typed in "seul.org/edu" as an ooold habit when someone asked
about free education software (this time a LMS/LCMS overview page in Russian, http://www.freesource.info/wiki/TZ/LMS).

Redirect to http://www.schoolforge.net; ok.  Software:
http://www.schoolforge.net/software => LOTS of comment spam!

I can at least offer my homegrown mod_security ruleset but
frankly, only strong captcha _and_ required registration can
currently more or less keep spambots failing.

Don't know what happened to ofset.sf.net where one gets asked
to go from ofset.org: http://ofset.sourceforge.net/freeduc/
results in a bunch of mysql warnings.

Does anyone know whom to bother with these? Or are they on the list already?