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[school-discuss] please unsubscribe me

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Subject: Re: [school-discuss] q: working catalog vs POST spam?

On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 11:06:29PM -0700, Justin wrote:
> Thanks for catching this - I've been trying different things,
> knowing that there will be comment spam at the moment.  I
> generally go through and do clean up every day or two.  I'll
> set the comments to require registration, that should make a
> huge difference. 

Yep, and if you need a bit of assistance, write me offlist -- 
will try to help.  Cleaning up by hand after automated processes
is a lost case and a latent sink of time...

> >I can at least offer my homegrown mod_security ruleset

...that would catch <a href= or v*ag*ic POST attempts.

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