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[school-discuss] Re: audio enabling the gutenberg collection

Sound interesting, as long a no fees are charged. . . .


So nice to hear from you!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
"*Ask Dr. Internet*"
Executive Coordinator
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On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, mikee wrote:

> hello,
> Is their any interest in donating computer time on linux systems with ftp
> access to the internet ? The purpose will be to audio enable the gutenberg
> collection, using emacspeak/viavoice technology.  We have a working
> production facility.  I think we can manage 9-12 books a year without
> funding.  we can fund a book for $5-10,000.
> All offered works are indexed by a search engine and a Table of Contents.
> The books are printable.
> The product packages a chapter of a classic Sience Fiction, Action, Novel or
> Play with licensed music @ mono/11025/.mp3 as an overture and sometimes an
> epilog. Each Chapter, section ... gets about 30 minutes as an entertainment.
> We have packaged 20th Century jazz and classical music appreciation
> as a thematic partner to the study of the written work.
> The product can be delivered in .crd, .mp3 and .wav. Emacspeak on a laptop
> acts as a portable reader.  batch processing for viavoice is operational.
> we also have a working mix-down desktop. we expect vcd with scrolling text
> and dolby 5.1 sound ( first one, then the other ) this year.
> We have a working broadcast facility.
> This collection would fetch a one-time fee per book, paid by vendors.
> The vendors have unrestricted, non-exclusive rights to a book - one year
> after the one time fee is paid.
> visit http://www.engima.com.
> Compare episode three to seven, eight and nine for "The Time Machine".
> thank you.
> Mike Eschman, etc...
> "Not just an afterthought ...