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Re: [school-discuss] Can some one pls. help me!!!

on Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 10:25:07AM -0500, Bill Barowy (wbarowy@attbi.com) wrote:
> I'm not familiar with Internet Cafe.  Do they allow you to a) restart 
> machines?  b) mess with BIOS?  
> Yeow!  If they do, then the only way to use their computers is with a bootable 
> CD.  And check the keyboard cable for a keystroke catcher! Otherwise kiss 
> your ID goodbye!


If you're getting remote con on any system, you _must_ use one-time
passwords if you can't trust the software or hardware you're using.
Most such systems use a fob or can be generated from your PDA.

For website access, you're pretty much hosed.  No Internet banking from
Internet Cafes.


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