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[school-discuss] Forcing software down the Schools throats is a Serious Blunder!

søndag 06 mars 2005, 20:28, skrev Michael Dean:
> My point is that a new process must take place before schools, other
> than computer science departments of universities, will take Open
> Source seriously. Yes, some school admins have arbitrarily forced it
> down their teachers and students throats, but adaptation comes from
> pull not push forces in our society.

The unbiased question should be: How does some school admins force 
software down their teachers and students throats? Adaption of software 
comes both from push and pull forces in our society. An example of push 
forces is in Norway where national exams is done by a web-application, 
and is mandatory by the Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education 
and the Ministry of The Ministry and Education and Research. An other 
example is the pull forces that introduce Skolelinux as an voluntary 
activity in a lot of schools in Europe. 


You did not answer my questions: 

question #1
> Why do you believe that the education is based on a minimalist, 
> and goal driven philosophy? 

question #2
> Which programs gives a learning effect in the classroom, and 
> how should the programs be used in the learning process to 
> accomplish learning?

- Knut