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Re: [school-discuss] Forcing software down the Schools throats is a Serious Blunder!

mandag 07 mars 2005, 02:21, skrev Michael Dean:
> thanks for your input.  I would be glad to keep our correspondence going
> offlist, since I seem to be getting some boos.

Well. In my humble opinion - this discussion got on track when the unbiased 
questions were reflected upon. That's becuause it's difficult for people in 
other part of the world to understand the problems encountered in US, when 
the digital divide is probably a bit larger (understatement) in other part of 
the world than in US or Norway. I'll take the time to reflect on your answers 
to the weekend, in hopefully then more people can participate :-). 

And remember, this is an international list with a lot of different people 
from the education and telecentros in countries with no schools at all. It's 
a large world out there, and 80% of the worlds population lives elsewhere 
than in Europa and North America. 

- Knut