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[school-discuss] school fund-raising issues question

Hi:  I'm a strong advocate of Open Source in schools, along with a lot
of other idiosyncrasies, I suppose.  I wonder if the topic of school
fund-raising and Free or Open Source Software [FOSS] (I haven't searched
the archives) has, or is, of interest to list members?

A low-end PC based computer, loaded with state-of-the-art audio and
video software enables users to create high-quality CDs, DVDs, tv shows,
radio shows, Public Service Announcements, etc.  If a classroom of kids
were to create a CD, and sell 100 of them at USD$10/CD, the class would
raise USD$1,000.  Of that, no money would have needed to be spent for
the computer, if the computer were donated.  No money would have needed
to be spent for software, as it is freely available through projects
like CCRMA or AGNULA.  The only costs would be for the CDs and cases and
the paper for the covers, inserts, etc.  In other words, a world-class
fund-raising campaign could be carried out for pennies, with the rest
being "profit" for the school.

There are literally tens of thousands of volunteers around the world to
step in to provide both technical and training support.  Thus, it seems,
this is one of those too good to be true thingys for school
administrators to consider.  The only unique aspect of this approach, is
that we're interested in putting Free or Open Source Software to use in
the schools for a specific purpose, unrelated directly to education in
the classroom.  However, if you look close, you'll find that the
projects would provide a good foundation for presenting the features of
FOSS in a receptive audience, the school administrators, who just might
find it easier to expand the use of the computers to enable kids to use
them for educational learning programs in the classroom.  Does that make
sense?  I think marketing types would call that a "hook".  :)

My question is, is this something the list members have experience
with?  If so, I'd sure like to learn more from you folks.

There's an interesting variation on the theme above, with a CD called,
Studio to Go! (I think that's the name).  I understand it costs about
USD$50.  The nice thing about it, is, it includes an interactive
tutorial to Rosegarden4, which, alone, is invaluable, in my opinion.

Looking to read your responses, or hear from you.
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV, USA