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Re: [school-discuss] Re: school fund-raising issues question

Hi, Karsten and all:  I downloaded your song, played it with Audacity,
and liked it.  

FWIW, I described a minimum starting point, focusing on an audience that
can't afford the local access tv station offers.  In Reno, for example,
it costs folks upwards of $120 to gain access to the equipment and

Your point about utilizing adequate hardware is well-taken.  What just
tickles me, is the idea of having the software sitting there, waiting
for someone to complain, and the school discovering that there are
enormous resources ready to step in and help solve the problems.  You're
right, the software is "overkill", and the potential is huge.  To me,
that's called, going at it, first-class.

My next question, then, is, does the schoolforge.net project want to
consider what it would take to set up a pilot project with a local kids'
group or school, and document it for a grant application, somewhere down
the road?  Our organization, Open Studios, would volunteer to handle the
grunt work, and you folks could handle the brains side.  Karsten could
donate his song as the theme song for the project.  :)

On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 17:30, Karsten M. Self wrote:
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> I've had some experience through the Boys & Girls Clubs (US).  One neat
> thing done there is that there are annual contests in several areas.
> Not just computer-related, though this is growing.  Included are:  art,
> including fine art, construction / 3d / sculpture, photography (low
> manipulation), and "digital art" (highly manipulated) music; online
> content (web; etc.); film/video; and writing.  Games might be another
> category, though that's probably advanced.
> The nice thing about the competitions is that it focusses activity and
> interest throughout the year.  The downside is that the contest rules
> are somewhat arbitrary, and there's a lot of frantic scrambling to get
> _something_ in.  And in the case of the B&GC, Microsoft's paw is
> eminantly evident.
> > There's an interesting variation on the theme above, with a CD called,
> > Studio to Go! (I think that's the name).  I understand it costs about
> > USD$50.  The nice thing about it, is, it includes an interactive
> > tutorial to Rosegarden4, which, alone, is invaluable, in my opinion.
> NB:  Rosegarden is a music program.  Not sure if Audacity factors into
> your concept, but I've worked with it, with kids, to good effect:
>     http://linuxmafia.com/~karsten/ClickysQuest-DontTryThisAtHome.ogg
>     (OK, so that was mine)
> Peace.
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