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Re: [school-discuss] school fund-raising issues question

tom poe wrote:

Hi:  I'm a strong advocate of Open Source in schools, along with a lot
of other idiosyncrasies, I suppose.  I wonder if the topic of school
fund-raising and Free or Open Source Software [FOSS] (I haven't searched
the archives) has, or is, of interest to list members?

along with school funding, there is a major issue of maintenance and upgrades, with our school's vendor telling us he is unsure that he would bid on after installation support of linux systems. WE currently pay a flat fee of $5000 per year for two major Dell servers and about 200 Dell desktops, which includes unlimited physical troubleshooting visits. With regard to money, the conversion from NT to the new subscription fees Microsoft has offered schools drains a huge amount of money from the schools budget.

A low-end PC based computer...
There are literally tens of thousands of volunteers around the world to
step in to provide both technical and training support.  Thus, it seems,
this is one of those too good to be true thingys for school
administrators to consider.  The only unique aspect of this approach, is
that we're interested in putting Free or Open Source Software to use in
the schools for a specific purpose, unrelated directly to education in
the classroom.  However, if you look close, you'll find that the
projects would provide a good foundation for presenting the features of
FOSS in a receptive audience, the school administrators, who just might
find it easier to expand the use of the computers to enable kids to use
them for educational learning programs in the classroom.  Does that make
sense?  I think marketing types would call that a "hook".  :)

My question is, is this something the list members have experience
with?  If so, I'd sure like to learn more from you folks.

There's an interesting variation on the theme above, with a CD called,
Studio to Go! (I think that's the name). I understand it costs about
USD$50. The nice thing about it, is, it includes an interactive
tutorial to Rosegarden4, which, alone, is invaluable, in my opinion.

Could you please give me a url for Studio to Go! thanks, Michael

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fn:Michael Dean