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Re: [school-discuss] FLOSS PCs

Joel Kahn ha scritto:
> [...]
> While we are still on the subject of low-cost
> FLOSS-related computers, does anyone have any
> experience with the Eee PC from Asus?
> http://eeepc.asus.com/us/product.htm

I've one of them just in front of me :-)

I've simply dropped the original OS, in favour of a (mostly) standard
XUbuntu distribution.

At the moment I'm using it in a very standard way, with no apparent
problems: wired + wireless net connection run without problems.

Actually, as I'm involved in the network-operation-department of a local
university, I'm used to bring a notebook, with me, when I move around
the campus to check&troubleshoot network problems.
So my laptop is plenty of network tools (tcpdump, iptraf, etc.),
browser, ssh client/server, etc. etc. ...everything absolutly "normal"
for a standard Linux distribution.... eeeXubuntu included :-)

Actually, eee is _REALLY_ light... much more light than my "ordinary"
nootebook and it's a pleasure to have it in hand, instead of a big,
heavy, standard notebook (with case, power adapter, etc.).

I still have to check the webcam... but this is not an issue, for me.

I've added 512MB of RAM (so it has 1GB, currently), and also an
additional 4GB SD-card, just to have e bit more space.

The only (very little) downside is... the screen. It is a 800x480 and...
although very confortable for "emergency activities" (like mine), is a
little too-little for "ordinary activities" (like reading/writing e-mail
with thunderbird, for example).

Having said that, I can say that I'm _really_really_ satisfied.


Damiano Verzulli
e-mail: damiano@xxxxxxxxxxx
"...Science, after all, is ultimately an Open Source enterprise..."
'Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution' - Introduction

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