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[school-discuss] Tux Paint

Gary Dunn wrote:

>To anyone who has not played around with Tux Paint,
>do yourself a favor and install it.

Not only do I agree with this; more importantly, my
youngest niece--who turns eight soon--also shares
this view. When she comes over to use our computer,
her two favorite programs are Tux Paint & Scratch.
Neither of these are available in the still M$-based
computer lab at her school. She's been able to use a
lot of FLOSS programs here that she doesn't encounter
elsewhere. Maybe she'll spread the word. . . .

Back to Tux Paint--Gary also wrote:

>There is a separate port for stamps, which provides
>a bunch of colorful clip-art images.

Don't overlook the ability to add one's own custom
images to the clipart collection. There are a few
technical issues that you have to watch out for when
you try this, such as resolution and transparency;
the documentation covers these reasonably well.
From some digital photos, I extracted things like
the faces of my niece, her sisters, a few pets, &c,
made appropriate adjustments, and added them to the
clipart. She loves to include them in her art works.
I think that the right kinds of custom clipart might
add a lot of educational value when teachers are using
Tux Paint for various purposes in the classroom.


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