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[school-discuss] ZenEdu - an Educational LiveCD

Hi All,
Apologies in advance if this type of email should not
be sent to the 
list.  This is my first day on the list and I am still

There are two purposes to this email: to introduce
this livecd and to 
possibly recruit some people to test it out.  Without
any further ado, 
my name is Yusri and I am a member of the ZenEdu team.
ZenEdu is an 
educational livecd which is based on Zenwalk (a
slackware based 
distribution).  The team released the latest ZenEdu
during the Christmas 
of 2007, a year later after the previous version was
released. When it 
was released, the team didn't really have a target
audience, so instead 
the team just focused on producing something that is
different from what 
is available out there.  Without taking too much of
your time reading 
this email, you can read all about it and find a link
to where to 
download it from here:

The direct link to the different download locations is

As the team is getting ready to work on the next
version, we feel it is 
necessary to get input from people in the educational
field to help us 
work on the next version.  If you do try this out,
please let us know 
how we can improve it via Zenwalk's forum or to one of
the members 
listed in the wiki page.  Among of different things
that we will 
implement is the ability to install it directly to HD
installation and not poor-man installation) and to
USB. The next version 
will be released in two flavors targeting two types of
user groups. The 
first group will be K-9 and the second
10-College/University. You can 
get more information from the wiki page I mentioned

I hope this has provided some brief information about
ZenEdu and piqued 
your interest.  Again, I apologize if emails of this
nature should not 
be sent to the list.

Yours sincerely,

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