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[school-discuss] looking for potential short term consultants in Laos for digital libraries and LMS


We are collecting CV's for two upcoming "potential" short term contracts in Laos. Â We Âwill deploy several webapps on a Linux server (probably Ubuntu 12.04 when it comes out). ÂI need at least one of the consultants with competency on Linux servers to do the installation and configuration, Âminor configuration/development, deploy the systems and train Âothers how to use. Â This is for two posts, one on Dspace and one on Moodle Â- Âanticipated 4 month contract.Â

If Âyou are Âinterested in working in Laos short term at the university level and have the credentials with proof of Âcapability to install, configure, deploy and train others in a developing country environment then please do get in touch with me with your CV. ÂAnticipated deployment is July-October 2012.


P.S. Âthese positions have not yet been approved, thus this call is for potential posts. ÂWhen the approval arrives I will be delighted to share the TOR and otherÂdetails. ÂPlease contact meÂoff-listÂon all inquiries.Â

j. Tim Denny, Ph.D.Â
ÂConsultant - International Development, Education and ICT
 SKYPE - jtdenny  Googletalk - denny.jt
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